About Us


Mayaloka is a company which offers SEO services and web design from Denpasar, Bali. The company was established in 2013, since then, the career of this company started as a web design service and we currently also serve Seo services. The team that we have is a professional staff, and is experienced in the field of SEO and Internet marketing. The price we offered is designed to the capabilities and quality of the service we have given to the clients. Our company is constantly growing because we and clients also try to provide the best service to our clients and in accordance with our motto “Clients’ satisfaction is the most important priority”. And we are ready to serve clients 24 hours if there are things to consult. Consultation to prospective clients is free by phone or WA / whatsapp during working hours of 9:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Saturday)

We work with a team, as a service to our clients, as we always provide training to our clients so that when updating the website, everything is in accordance with the criteria of search engine optimization as well as we always send a weekly report as a form of transparency optimization which we envisioned to do (for the evaluation of the development of your website on search engine)

Our Vision

To be the best SEO services provider in giving the best service to clients

To be the best SEO service providers, especially in Bali

To encourage online businesses in Indonesia that is growing more than other countries

Mayaloka Company

Address : Sesetan Street No 235 Denpasar Bali
Email : Support@mayaloka.com
WhatsApp / Phone 081 936 078 543
Skype : deyudik